Lying just 20 kilometers from Elbasan and 25 kilometers from Tirana, until a few years ago Funari was not very well known.

Now, it is turning into a tourism mecca by taking advantage of its natural beauty and proximity to two of the country's largest cities. Four reservoirs with emerald water that give freshness and beauty to the hills covered with forests.

For three years the Funari Fest has been organized, aimed at promoting tourism based on nature and a historical past.

Playing games, picnicking, or swimming in the crystal clear water are just some of the things Funari offers to any nature enthusiast.

However despite what Funari provides for visitors, the road to go there is not in an appropriate condition, requiring intervention. 

The landscape can be compared to sights coming from the alpine lakes of Switzerland or elsewhere, but should private investments be promoted in the area? 

This question divides visitors, with some considering necessary, while others prefer to enjoy the surrounding nature without distraction.