For two years, "The Cloud" has transformed not only into one of the most photographed installations by foreign tourists, but also a space where the citizens of Tirana can enjoy different artistic activities.

Mayor Erion Veliaj and Japanese Ambassador Makoto Ito took time out to attend a Japanese show titled 'Buto'. After the show, Veliaj declared that similar installations like "The Cloud" will be located in other areas of Tirana.

"Famous artists and architects in the world have expressed the desire and willingness to leave their mark on the Albanian capital, which is expected to promote artistic life in Tirana. 

"We are discussing how we can extend "The Cloud's" stay in Tirana, but also to bring more installations to our city in order to add even more charm," said Erion Veliaj.

120 artists from 15 different countries of the world have brought the cultures and traditions of different peoples to us here in Tirana.