As of yesterday evening, the Safari Park animals in Fier have been transferred to the Zoo of Tirana. They have received specialist service from veterinarians, while some of them will travel to Holland within a few months.

The Tirana Zoo will be the new home for the 11 animals of Fieri Safari Park, which were transferred from the site labeled by the Daily Mail as "Hell Park".

Their illnesses and poor living conditions are clearly evidenced, from the lion whose eye is damaged to the one mutilated legs of a bear.

The animals have received specialist services from the veterinarians of the international foundation the "Four Paws". They say that the animals will need time to adapt to their new habitat and as such, in the coming days, they will undergo detailed checks.

“The antelope and deer left last night and they immediately started exploring the new environment. The lions and bears were released this morning and, in fact, they are a little stressed. I think it will take a few days to adapt to their new environment.

“In the coming days we are seek the opportunity to intervene in the health of the lions,” said one of the veterinarians from the international foundation.

Their stay at the Tirana Zoo will be temporary. After a few months, based on the improvement of their condition, the three lions and the bear will be transferred to the Netherlands.