Works for the second segment of the new Boulevard have started. 1.6 km will be completed at the end of this year, while the whole project, which goes up to Paskuqan, is expected to be completed by mid-2019.

Initially, the second segment will be accessible only to pedestrians. When the third segment also reaches completion, it will provide the connection to Siri Kodra Street, which will also be accessible for the passage of vehicles.

Grim Show is an architectural studio working with the Municipality of Tirana on the project. The Foreign Investments Director, Ilda Qazimllari, said the area is raising the interest of foreign investors.

"The second segment is accessible only to pedestrians. The construction criteria have been set according to the master plan," stated Ilda Qazimllari.

The construction criteria will be defined in the master plan along the entire new boulevard.

The investment for 1.6 km is 30mln Euros. Creative areas, lanes dedicated to public transport, bicycle lanes, pedestrian zones and greenery on both sides are all foreseen by the project outline.