The Albanian government withdraws all responsibility from the European Union's negative decision on membership negotiations for the third time in a row.

For the Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, as well as the Acting Minister for European and Foreign Affairs, Gent Cakaj, the opening of negotiations has nothing to do with the work undertaken by the government, but rather has to do with France's new vision for enlargement.

During a press conference held earlier today, Cakaj promised that the government will not be discouraged from the result and will continue to work on the country's integration into the E.U.

“The European Union failed to secure a consensus. It does not come from internal differences, but from different visions for the future.

“The decision to postpone the negotiations does not come as a result of Albania's failure to accomplish its duties, but emerges as a direct consequence of Europe's internal-reviewing of itself,” said Cakaj.

Like Albania, the failure to open EU negotiations in North Macedonia has made similar headlines, but apart from that, the leaders of the two Western Balkan countries do not have the same strategy in terms of responsibility towards their citizens.

“The cases of Albania and North Macedonia were treated identically since both countries met all the requirements.

“The postponement didn't come as a result of their performance, but from other factors within the EU. North Macedonia even changed its name, but the decision for its postponement has nothing to do with North Macedonia. The same happened with Albania,” said Cakaj.

As for the case of the 11-year-old Albanian boy who being held in Syrian camps, Acting Minister Gent Cakaj says that this is a matter that goes beyond just diplomacy.