During his speech from the podium of the Assembly Hall, Prime Minister Edi Rama made absolutely no mention of the 10 million Euro heist which occurred at Tirana's Rinas airport.

The head of the government is working on the balance of the governments’ work by stating that “Albania has accomplished its duties”, while the decision of June will depend on the internal debates of the European Union countries.

“Decision-making in the European Council is the result of internal debate in that Council,” said Edi Rama.

Edi Rama accused the opposition outside the Parliament as being an obstacle for the opening of negotiations by giving space to the creation of alliances with countries that do not want the integration of Albania in the European Union.

“From within the country, forces are given fuel against the interests of this country and for the creation of alliances with forces that are set against enlargement,” said Rama.

The Socialist Party does not intend to remove themselves from power, at least until the moment of membership for Albania into the European Union.

“I do not know when Albania will join the European Union because this does not depend only on us. But I do know that until this happens, the Socialist Party is going to be here making majority decisions,” said Rama.

Representative Rudina Hajdari was in agreeance on the report on the progress of Albania, which stated that Macedonia is much more likely than Albania to receive a positive response from Brussels.

“Macedonia has made concrete steps, not Albania,” said Rudina Hajdari.

Also, three more MPs from the Democratic Party list were sworn in during the plenary session, being Korab Lita, Halil Jakimi and Arlind Çaçani.

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