The two main German political formations, the CDU/CSU, have decided to say "yes" to the opening of negotiations for Albania, but only after the fulfillment of the 9 conditions.

The conditions, which are set by the Bundestag, are divided according to different stages of accession talks.

The Bundestag has set two immediate conditions to be met before the European Commission and Albanian government before the first negotiation conference: The first, the establishment of the High Court and second, the establishment of the Constitutional Court.

Several other conditions are set for later stages of the accession talks.

“Only if Albania meets these conditions will there be a discussion at the first conference to decide whether or not to proceed with the opening of negotiations.”

The two main German political groups in the resolution on Albania, point out that Albania is in a serious political crisis and has issued a strong warning.

“The German Bundestag urges all democratic forces in Albania to take immediate steps to overcome this crisis as soon as possible through political dialogue, otherwise the path to membership negotiations will be significantly hampered”, according to the joint resolution of CDU/CSU and the SPD.

The CDU/CSU also stresses that an urgent Constitutional Court ruling on the legality of the June 30th elections is needed, while also calling for the continuation of electoral reform which has been stalled since December 2018.

The two German political groups are analyzing the political and legal situation in the country while urging justice authorities to prosecute those found to be involved in vote-buying.

Another essential condition for the Germans is the establishment and functioning of justice institutions such as SPAK, the Constitutional Court and the High Court.

The CDU/CSU has also broached the debate on changing borders, saying that political statements and efforts to unite the Albanian population in Albania, Kosovo, and Northern Macedonia under a Greater Albania could lead to unpredictable conflicts in the Western Balkans.