The increased number of commuters combined with maintenance work being conducted at the peak of the season on the National Highway has resulted in extremely heavy traffic!

Citizens who have finished their holidays have been forced to spend several hours waiting to cross to the other side of the border.

There is work being carried out on the section running from Morina to the Black Drin bridge, but also the high influx of citizens returning to Kosovo after the holidays and after celebrating Eid Mubarak in Albania have caused a significant impact.

Police have intervened in order to stabilize the situation, with citizens from Kosovo considering the situation very abnormal.

According to them, to conduct such maintenance work at the peak of the season is an absurdity that will influence their decision to return again to Albania.

According to police, over 22,145 citizens with 4,058 vehicles have entered Albania since 3am this morning.

Additional measures have been taken to increase the number of processing counters open, while a fixed patrol has been placed on the Kukës Bridge due to the work.