Organizers of the protest against the tariff for travelling on the National Highway promised a peaceful protest, however the violence could not be held at bay.

The situation was tense from the beginning, when protesters, mainly from the three municipalities of the Kukës district, but also coming from Kosovo and other cities, attacked the police with stones, with the claim that they had been provoked by the blue uniforms.

"The Police provoked us," exclaimed one of the protesters.

As a result of the violent clash, sources from Kukës police reported that 12 officers were injured, as were some citizens on the other side.

The protesters' stones also endangered the journalists reporting on the event. Ora News broadcasted the entire protest live thanks to journalist Nertila Dosti and operator Ermal Noka.

The police tried to negotiate, but the protesters did not obey, instead reacting violently, almost completely destroying the tollbooth where the tariff began to be paid as of Wednesday, with the ability to circulate on the National Highway subject to payment of the prices specified based on the type of vehicle.

Police officers coming from Tirana, Shkodra and Lezha, as well as the Rapid Intervention Force, all withdrew from the scene, leaving the protesters in an uncontrolled reaction, out of the influence of the organizers who had announced a peaceful protest.

Tensions brought chaos and blocked traffic to the National Highway for three consecutive hours.