North Macedonia will hold new parliamentary elections on April 12 of next year.

After the negative response to negotiations by the European Union and following yesterday's consultation with other parties in the presidency, the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said the date was consensually agreed upon.

“Our proposal was to go to the elections on December 22 or 29, after which we would ratify the NATO protocol and have a functioning parliament. But the opposition argued against a technical government for 100 days, with a consensus set for April 12,” said Prime Minister Zaev.

Albanian party leaders appealed with importance that the forthcoming elections be fair and democratic.

North Macedonia oppositionist Hristijan Mickoski said the VMRO would win the new elections, but like other rivals, it would not divert from North Macedonia's path to NATO and the EU.

Meanwhile, on the basis of an earlier political accord, Prime Minister Zaev is expected to resign three months before the election date and to establish a transitional government with the involvement of the opposition.

According to local media, the cabinet was proposed in January to be headed by Social Democrat Oliver Spasovski, currently the Interior Minister.

Preliminary polls put the current North Macedonian executive 3 percent ahead of VMRO opposition.

Pёrktheu: Paola Pupla