The Electoral College will have the greatest weight in the decision making process on the 30 June vote, since the Central Election Commission meetings are still underway on the proceedings without having made any decision.

The votes against by the CEC chair, Klement Zguri, mean that the commission falls short of the 5-vote quorum required to distribute mandates to municipal councilors, leaving 42 municipalities in a status of pending a decision by the Electoral College.

The ‘Democratic Conviction’ party has addressed a number of statements to this institution. Following the overthrowing of their complaints by the Central Election Commission, the Democratic Conviction party will seek a declaration of invalidity for June 30.

However, the electoral law provides for another procedure for mayors, who can be mandated by a simple majority, with 4 votes.

As such, today the court gave mandates to the six new mayors, Agron Malaj in Mat, Gjolek Guçi in Memaliaj, Flamur Golemi in Gjirokastra, Fatos Tushe in Lushnja, Lorenc Tosku in Peqin and Ilir Xhakolli in Pogradec.