At the beginning on the Municipal Council meeting today, the Opposition warned that they would participate only to the extent of voting on those drafts which have already been discussed and are ready for approval. 

The decisions regarding economic assistance, subsidies and soft loans were specifically mentioned as approved topics for voting. 

They went on to explain that they would not be present for any further debates or discussions, on the grounds that they believe six people present as part of the City Council did not in fact have an actual mandate as they have never been elected. 

The situation that the Opposition speaks of has arisen as a result of the Administrative Court of Tirana terminating the mandate of six members who has been elected in 2017 and their replacements being provided with positions without being voted in. 

Mayor Veliaj arrived following the declarations by the Opposition and chose not to comment on the position they had taken, instead proceeding to prevent all 23 agenda items using actions to express his position rather than words. 

The second phase of soft loans is expected to see 400 beneficiaries, while the proposal to create three new suburban centers in Tirana, to liven up the outer suburbs of the city, sparked some debate.

"3 new suburban centers in the area of Fresku, Dry Lake and Astir," announced Veliaj.

When it came time to vote, the DP and SMI councilors voted on the first 9 draft decisions, which were social packages, while they said all other decisions will need to be taken to court because the voting is legally invalid.

The Majority adopted the 14 other draft decisions alone, as their members total more than the required number of votes to pass the bills.