Alvin Berisha is one of the stranded children in Syrian refugee camps. The show "Le Iene" managed to contact the young boy who traveled with his mother to the war, where he became injured.

The calls by the boy's father to find his son were soon joined by Italian journalists, but the process of getting him back to Albania proves to be difficult.

The Mufti of Shkodra, Imam Muhamad Sytari, called on Albanian diplomats to act urgently so that the child could return home safe and sound.

Just a few days ago, the Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, expressed concerns over the case but stressed the process of bringing the 11-year-old boy back to his family has indeed begun.

5 years ago, his mother Valbona Berisha, was radicalized by ISIS and aspired to join the group in Syria.

His mother has reportedly lost her life in the war, but the 11-year-old boy was also injured while being held in an orphanage camp.

The footprints followed by his father that took him to Syria were aired on the the TV show “Le Iene”, which uncovered the haunting footage as the baby boy cries and demands to return back home.