More than half of Albanians die of heart disease.

The latest data released by INSTAT on causes of death for 2018 suggest that “Circulatory System Diseases” resulted in 53.2% of the total deaths suffered by the country.

This disease group continues to be the main cause of death, with a mortality rate of 404.7 per 100 thousand inhabitants, though, on a positive note, compared to 2017 there is a decrease of 2.7%.

After heart disease, the main cause of death for Albanians is tumors, which equate to 16.9% of total deaths.

The mortality rate for this disease group has increased by 1.4% compared to 2017. The group of "Tumor" diseases in men have a higher mortality rate at 164.9, while for women it's 92.9 for 100 thousand inhabitants.

When reviewed county by county, the mortality rate proves to be highest in the districts of Gjirokastra and Korça and lowest in the districts of Tirana and Kukës.

"Circulatory System Diseases" were most likely to prove fatal for inhabitants of the Kukës district, at a rate of 63.1%, with the lowest value in the Gjirokastra region at 41.4% of deaths.

Referring to the "Tumor" disease group, the highest number of deaths was recorded in the districts of Shkodra and Vlora with 18.7%, and the lowest in the Kukës and Durrës districts with 14.9%.