6 months ago, Rigerta Loku gave a powerful speech that brought on tears in Parliament. Now she has been put in charge of a concrete initiative tohelp the village.

The focus of the project is set to be the area from where she comes, as part of a broader project for "Animating Rural Development in the Local Community of the Mirdita Municipality". 

Rigerta Loku says that this initiative aims at encouraging Mirdita's citizens to contribute to their country, instead of abandoning it.

"We aim for Mirdita's citizens to come together and create groups, joint actions for the benefit of each of us. This area offers more than you think, you just have to gather and discover its qualities," said Rigerta Loku.

The Albanian National Rural Development Coordinator Evelina Hazizaj, says that the territory of Mirdita has enormous potential area, but requires the participation and contribution of all.

"Let's bring about this philosophy and develop a common agricultural policy in line with that of the European Union," said Evelina Hazizaj.

The 35-year-old, Loku, spoke to the Assembly on the occasion of an activity to support agriculture and the villages, with demands that were very simple: roads, water, and schools.

In this regard, across many villages there is still work to be done, while the initiative aims to enable the development of the potential of rural areas of Mirdita.

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