The President of the Republic, Ilir Meta, has called for peace and civil service in politics, emphasizing that this is still an unfulfilled mission. 

The Head of state said leaders must demonstrate vigilance towards the efforts that could affect stability, by sowing feelings of hatred and by misusing the state for the benefit of gaining power.

Through unity and co-operation, we overcome separation and divisions. This was the word of Pope Francis on World Peace Day, which brought together the Apostolic Nunciature of Albania and President Ilir Meta to the activity referred to as "Good politics is in the service of peace.

The President said that Pope Francis's messages are a national obligation, underlining the importance of dialogue between the government and the opposition, the Assembly, society, community and family.

Meanwhile, Archbishop, George Fredo, recalled the importance of politics to align closer to peace, while he did not leave without mentioning the hard reality in Albania.

Writing and sending Peace Orders began in 1968 by Pope St. Paul VI (the 11th) and continues to this day to remind everyone of the importance of peace in our lives.