The National Unity Party is the first political force to express the desire to pull out of the election following President Meta's decree to abolish the elections on June 30th.

The chairman of this political force asked the Central Election Commission to deregister the list of councilors in the 61 municipalities, considering the situation as unacceptable.

“We request de-registration as an electoral subject. We want to remove the name of our party from the ballot paper.

“The decree of Meta has surprised us. Really, the decree has surprised us. It was kind of a shock. I consider it unconstitutional.

“My vote does not dominate there, but I am obliged to submit to the will of the party.

We want to deregister from the elections and we regret that we have to take such action.

“We are not a big party, but today we have 15 municipal councilors all over Albania,” said the chair of the National Unity Party, Idajet Beqiri.

The request brought opposition from the Socialist Party representative.

“You cannot withdraw from the elections. They ask to remove the name from the ballot paper, which would block the process. If this request is accepted, there will be no time to redo the ballots before the vote,” said Eridian Salianji, an SP representative.

This was the first appeal brought to the meeting and the chair of the Central Election Commission, Klement Zguri, stressed that the presidential decree is now into force.

“Personally, I do not want to deal with the power or the right of the president to issue a decree. I do not think I am the Constitutional Court or Administrative Court to see legality.

“It is a decree that is placed in the Official Notebook and has received legal force.

“The CEC should terminate its own procedures for organizing the June 30th election after the decree has taken effect and is placed in the Official Notebook.

However, the representatives of the majority at the CEC again reiterated that they considered the decree as null and void, causing Zguri to reiterate that he could not chair the commission given the conditions and left the meeting.

The National Unity Party's request was overturned with 4 votes, on the grounds that the ballot papers have already been approved.

But this opens the way to review the case at the Electoral College, as the request for de-registration will automatically affect the presidential decree which has already entered into force.

The chair of the National Unity Party, Idajet Beqiri, told RTV Ora that he will present the complaint immediately after the unveiling of the decision from the Commission.