The President of the Republic has not stopped in regards to the debate that he initiated yesterday, beginning with his accusations that the international institutions are not assisting in the functioning of justice reform.

On behalf of the Head of State, spokesman, Tedi Blushi, responded with a language that was as harsh as the previous day in reaction to the Prime Minister, Rama, and EU delegation chief, Luigi Soreca.

In his response, the spokesman for the Head of State writes that the President of the Republic has made all possible efforts so far, both transparently and systematically, documented and informal, constructive and inclusive, and will continue with any and all attempts to implement Constitutional justice reform unaffected by delays, collapse or capture of the system.

The President also guaranteed that he will not get fatigued in the future in world or spirit, as per his obligations to Albanian citizens.

A day earlier, the Prime Minister reacted by saying that he expects the Head of State to declare his support for the June 30 elections.

Yesterday evening, the EU mission said that Justice Reform is being implemented in full compliance with the Albanian Constitution and the relevant national legislation.

The EU mission in Albania has declared that this is a complex process, but the reform is on the right track and it is very important for all Albanian institutions to support it.

The reaction from the Prime Minister, Rama, and the EU mission in Albania came after President Meta’s allegations against the EURALIUS mission and OPDAT, which, according to him, take political orders to fail to contribute to the implementation of Justice Reform.