Skënder Gjinushi has not received President Meta's approval to lead the Academy of Sciences: The head of state refusing his appointment, arguing that the election process presents significant legal problems.

The president of the Albanian republic stated: “The Constitution has given a special role to the President of the Republic that cannot be based solely on an officially filed application.

“As a neutral institution, it has the duty to verify whether the legal and constitutional mechanisms have functioned properly, so as not to violate the constitutional principles.”

In the president's reasoning, he states that Gjinushi has been a regular member of the Academy while at the same time serving as the chair of the Social Democratic Party of Albania --acts that are in conflict with the law.

He went on to say: “The status of a regular member of the Academy of Sciences cannot be exercised in parallel with the performance of high governing functions in political parties.”

According to the verifications carried out by the Presidency, Gjinushi appears to have held the post of Party Chair even during the rolling out of elections.

The request for resignation from the Social Democratic Party functions was made on June 3rd, 10 days after the elections.

Meta stating: “It results that on May 10th of 2019, when his interest for candidacy was expressed, and on May 24th of 2019, the day when the elections for the chair of the Academy of Sciences of Albania were held, Skënder Gjinushi was legally representing himself as the chair of the Socialist Democratic Party.

“It turns out that the electoral process conducted on May 24th at the Academy of Sciences for the election of the Chairman represents a significant legal problem.

“This state of illegality makes it impossible for the President of the Republic to exercise his powers under Article 92/g of the Constitution to appoint the Chairman of the Academy of Sciences.”

In a reaction to RTV Ora, Gjinushi says the president has no right to reject the decree as it is not serving as an Investigative Commission.

Gjinushi's election at the head of the Academy of Sciences was also rejected by the renowned academic, Artan Fuga.

Gjinushi's election was made possible with the votes of 35 academics in a race without rivals.