President Meta has refused to decree the name of Gent Cakaj as Minister for European and Foreign Affairs. According to Ilir Meta, Cakaj did not accomplish the conditions for the post.

The Head of State argues that at such a time with great challenges for the country, it is not the time to experiment and/or prove Cakaj's skills.

“In the absence of time, it is not appropriate to experiment and demonstrate the skills of the proposed Minister before the current challenges to the country and the interests of the nation, I believe that the Minister for European and Foreign Affairs must be an experienced and efficient individual with full recognition of national and administrative state responsibilities,” said Ilir Meta.

Regarding Cakaj's position on changing borders between Kosovo and Serbia, President Meta considered it unacceptable and dangerous.

“During his time as Deputy Minister for European and Foreign Affairs, Gent Cakaj has proved to us that he not only lacks the experience in foreign policy but that his public attitudes regarding the core issues of regional politics are unacceptable.” he expressed.

According to the President, Cakaj had refused to complete an essential form with a security certificate in 2018 and instead waited until the first day of 2019. The President said these actions have put classified information in danger.

“With non-fulfillment of the application form and with the failing to provide the relevant Security Certificate for the period between June 7th 2018 and January 3rd 2019, Cakaj has not only compromised classified information from the State, NATO, and the European Union but, on the other hand, he has clearly shown his disobedience in face of a clear legal obligation,” said Meta.

This is the second instance of an institutional clash between the President and the Prime Minister, the former stemming from a disagreement over Sandër Lleshaj's decree at the head of the Interior Ministry.