The President of the Republic is ready to change the election date in order to resolve the constitutional, institutional and political crisis in which the country is involved.

For Ilir Meta, the democratic coexistence and unity of the people are constitutional principles that must be protected first and foremost, before any other secondary or formal regulation.

“I express my institutional readiness, in accordance with the competence given to me in the Constitution, to revise the Decree on the determination of the local election date and to enact another date for their development in accordance with the will expressed by the political parties,” said President Meta.

The Head of State called on both Rama and Basha to put an end to communication through public letters and to engage sincerely and responsibly to find a solution that is as fast and stable as possible.

Meta wanted to set an example for the two political opponents that the interest of the country should be put above all else, saying he is even ready to resign from his post as President!

“As I declared responsibly on March 20 from Pogradec, I remain in readiness for the determination of a solution that serves public interest, stability and democracy in the country.

“I am willing to resign from my mandate as President of the Republic, if the parties see it as important for a comprehensive solution that would give the Albanian citizens the right to elect the President with their free vote,” explained Meta.

By responding to the statements of the German Parliament, that citizens should have alternatives to chose in the elections, the President made it clear that political pluralism is protected by the Constitution.

“Among other things, Article 3 of the Constitution of the Republic of Albania clearly defines the constitutional obligation for the protection of political pluralism.

“I join the appeal of the German Parliament that it is the responsibility of political decision-makers to behave appropriately in this situation and to make all the effort to try to calm the situation, because if that does not happen there is a risk that the country will step off the path towards Europe,” Meta contributed further.

The mandate of Mayors elected in 2015 ends in July of this year. It is still unclear if the President will seek a postponement of the local elections to the fall or if he will call for a transitional change to the constitution.

The second alternative must have the consensus of the majority because the transitory changes can only be made by the Council of Mandates.