Albanian President Ilir Meta has held separate meetings with representatives of Albanian political parties in Macedonia.

The head of State met with the DUI leader, Ali Ahmeti, with BESA leader, Bilal Kasami, with the Alliance for Albanians chairman, ZijaDIN Sela as well with ADP leader, Menduh Thachi.

During the meetings with Albanian party leaders, Ilir Meta emphasized the irreplaceable role of the Albanian political force for inter-ethnic harmony in Macedonia.

He also underlined the importance of collaboration and constructive dialogue for the future of all political forces, especially regarding the Euro-Atlantic integration perspective of Macedonia.

The link between the integration of Balkan countries and security in the region was also emphasized.

During the visit to Macedonia, Meta met with the Macedonian opposition leader Nikolla Gruevski, who stressed the importance of the opposition's role in all Macedonia's Euro-integration processes.