The President of the Republic, Ilir Meta, in a letter sent to the Assembly, the Ombudsman and the Council of Justice Appointments, clarifies the inability to elect the second member of the Constitutional Court after the election of Besnik Muçi.

According to the legal arguments put forward by the Head of State, the Assembly must first elect its candidate and then it is up to the Presidency to elect the second member.

The clarification by the Head of State said that he has fulfilled, without any delay, the constitutional obligation for the election of the first member, Besnik Muçi, who has currently started exercising office in the role of judge of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Albania.

Therefore, says the President, with the Assembly elected member, he will fill the vacancy left by Altina Xhoxhaj.

According to the Presidency the exercise of this constitutional right of the President of the Republic has been attempted to be openly infringed upon by the administrative activity pursued by the President of the Council on Appointments to Justice, who has sent the lists for filling this vacancy on the same day as the first vacancy.

The President of the Republic seeks the engagement of the President of the Council on Appointments in Justice, as this issue, which has been considered of little importance, is creating a pathway to irreparable consequences for the naming bodies and the process as a whole.

Meanwhile, the Justice Appointment Council has come together to discuss the letter from the President of the Republic.