Two weeks after passing the first phase of the Vetting process, Besnik Muçi was decreed by the President of the Republic as a member of the Constitutional Court.

The decision was announced by the President of the Republic who published the decree for the appointment of Muçi as one of the Constitutional Court members, who has long been out of function with only one member.

In his decree, the Head of State explains his reasoning for decreeing Muçi. Immediately after the application deadline and in accordance with the provisions of the law “On the governing bodies of the justice system”, a list of all 22 applicants for these vacancies was published on the official website of the President of the Republic.

President Meta argues that it was the malfunction of the Justice Appointment Council for the past two years is the reason no candidate lists were submitted previously, even though 19 months have passed since the publication and opening of the call for application for this vacancy and also other vacancies announced for application by the President of Republic until 8 October 2019.

Given the conditions, the country is currently in an emergency situation subjectively created due to the blockage and malfunction of the Council throughout 2017-2018.

The President further argues that the Judicial Appointments Council has verified, evaluated and ranked the candidates for the vacant judge seat in the Constitutional Court as announced by the President of the Republic.

At the end of this process, it turns out that only 4 candidates out of the 22 applicants who have expressed interest meet the requirements to progress to the next stage.

The four candidates set to progress are Arta Vorpsi with 89 points, Elsa Toska with 85 points, Besnik Muçi with 82 points and Regleta Panajoti with 80 points.

It is not known how the new presidency institution will proceed with the majority given that it is known that Besnik Muçi has not yet passed the second round of Vetting.