Two days after the decision to place the former Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri under house arrest, the President of the Republic has demanded an independent investigation, stressing that the trust in justice by Albanians will increase in this way.

The President has given his stance on the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the Dumrea Battalion, which he called a very important partisan formation by the province and also of the Anti-Fascist National War for Liberation.

"I emphasize once again that without 29 November 1944, we would not have been able to enjoy or celebrate the anniversaries of November 28, 1912.

"Everyone should know that the Peace Conference in Paris has been a very strong clash between those who wanted to list Albania as a losing party in World War II, and among those who defended Albania as a winning party in the Second War World.

"And they defended it with blood, with sacrifices, with countless evidence that the Albanian people did win, and, in the first place it was thanks to the National Anti-Fascist War," said Ilir Meta.

The President stressed that we should be proud and should always be grateful to those who gave everything, especially those who gave the most precious thing, their youth, to save the future of Albania, while underlining the efforts for EU integration.

"Just as we are proud to be members of NATO today, we are also very close to opening negotiations for EU membership.

"This has been a dream of our martyrs and partisans, because the foundations of a United Europe were built after that war, based on freedom and, first of all, on the values of anti-fascism," explained Ilir Meta.

For the president, it is a moment to bow down with respect and deep gratitude to the numerous and extraordinary martyrs from the Battalion of Dumrea, from the Deputy Commander Siri Kodra to many other figures in one of the heroic battle of Pojska.