The ruling coalition in Germany shares opposing views over the proposal for opening negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has issued a clear rejection of the European Commission's request for a quick opening of negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia, based on a report by a famous German newspaper.

During a session of the Parliamentary Commission for Europe, the Head of the German government suggested that the most realistic option remains the postponement of the decision until October.

This means that the decision-making responsibilities will fall on the new bodies emerging from the recent European elections.

With this, the Chancellor clearly comes up against the coalition partner, the Social Democratic Party, or SDP, which supports the opening of negotiations at the EU Council meeting on June 18th.

Meanwhile, the German Minister for Europe at the Foreign Ministry, Michael Roth of the SDP, is one of the German politicians who has been strongly engaged in recent weeks in the campaign for opening negotiations with the two Balkan countries.

He stressed in various interviews that Albania's commitment to reform should be praised.

“I am very sorry that the CDU/CSU is refusing the decision promised one year earlier to Albania and North Macedonia, that they will open accession negotiations in June.

“Both countries have completed their ‘homework’. For the sake of security and stability in the region, it is crucial to be consistent and to deliver positive signals,” said Roth.

Some members of the large government group have asked that the report for the two Balkan countries be analyzed with responsibility.

The inconsistency in attitudes, as well as the tight schedule of governing parties, makes the scenario of reviewing the negotiations for Albania and North Macedonia in autumn the most highly probable outcome.