Koço Kokëdhima, disappointed by the consultative council for electoral reform, threatened that small non-parliamentary parties would not take part in elections unless the electoral administration is depoliticized, including the Central Election Commission.

“We will never accept to go to the polls and take part in them when our votes will be counted by Edi Rama and Lulzim Basha,” said Koço Kokëdhima.

What is being prepared according to Koço Kokëdhima is a new election farce which is not what the European Union wants for negotiations.

“New electoral reform is not being prepared in Tirana, but the next election farce,” said Koço Kokëdhima.

Democratic Alliance Party representative Eduard Abazi called on internationals to influence a fair electoral law.

“The internationals must believe that the agreement with the greats has not brought results about the impact on legal arrangements to guarantee free and fair elections,” said Eduard Abazi.

This table was attended by representatives of non-parliamentary parties who drafted a statement for their involvement in the electoral reform process.

/Ora News.tv/