The debate on the National Theater in the Media Commission has resulted in a physical clash between opposition MPs and Tirana's Mayor, Erion Veliaj.

The Parliamentary Commission on Media summoned the Minister of Culture to discuss the National Theater, but instead resulted in a verbal conflict between the Mayor of Tirana and the Chair of the Commission, Albana Vokshi.

The latter asked several times for Veliaj to leave as he was not listed on the invitation to attend the commission meeting.

Vokshi decided to interrupt the commission's work in order to continue after the break, but after when the meeting recommenced Veliaj refused to leave, leading to immense irritation of the opposition.

The Democratic MP ordered the National Guard to remove Mayor Veliaj from the venue by force.

At this time the Democratic MP Flamur Noka approached the Mayor in order to remove him, despite the resistance faced by the Democrats from the Guard.

After more than 30 minutes of tense irritation, Erion Veliaj left the commission, with the remaining Socialist MPs and Minister Kumbaro following closely behind him.

After the disorder and tension, Erion Veliaj presented to journalists in the corridor of the Assembly in order to clarify the reason for his presence in the commission, though he did not leave without taking the opportunity to sling accusations against the opposition.

"This proposal for the theater only opens negotiations. I have publicly invited the actors, even those who want to become cultural directors. If we are in the negotiation stage we can then choose to agree, or agree to disagree," said Erion Veliaj.

While Veliaj was talking to the media, DP MPs Flamur Noka and Klevis Balliu descended from the stairs to interrupt the Mayor's speech.

Meanwhile SP MP Taulant Balla, accompanied by the Socialist members of the commission, requested the dismissal of Albana Vokshi for her behavior towards Mayor Erion Veliaj.

"This situation was accompanied, and here I intend to be fierce, with acts of violence by Ervin Salianji and Flamur Noka against guard workers. It should be noted that this is not the first instance of violence from either of these deputies. 

"I call on the Democratic Party and its Chair Lulzim Basha to order restraint from his MPs over such violent and shameful acts. Also incredibly embarrassing is Mrs. Vokshi's behavior. 

"We are considering the provisions and regulatory rules in order to demand the dismissal of Mrs. Vokshi. The direction of the Commission in this way is simply intolerable," said Taulant Balla.

The Democrat MP, Albana Vokshi, responded to this demand by the Socialist Group as 'absurd'.

"No more shall I be intimidated by the absurd proposals of Taulant Balla, who says he is considering my dismissal. Neither I, nor the opposition MPs in this commission, nor any opposition MPs will give up on the truth. 

"We will continue and we will invite Minister Kumbaro to attend this Commission on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday; and every day after that. We will demand transparency as we are determined to stop this criminal act," declared Albana Vokshi.

Although the Socialists left the commission alongside Minister Mirela Kumbaro and Mayor Erion Veliaj, the Democrats continued their work for the remainder of the Commission meeting.