The Tirana court has changed the security measures for two of the four arrest officials in the Ministry of Justice: General Secretary of the Ministry of Justice Aurel Lamçe and former IT specialist Arlind Alikaj.

The hearing was conducted within closed doors but we have learned that the lawyers of the two arrested have given their assurances that the two defendants did not pose a risk of escape and the unlawful acts they conducted did not pose a risk to society. 

Meanwhile, Juliana Hoxha, who has held the post of Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice and currently is in the "Security Arrest" Security Branch, will appear before the court.

The only individual police are still searching for is IT specialist, Lysien Ali, who has escaped police custody even though the court ruled on his detention measures in prison.

Meanwhile, the other 8 individuals investigated for abuses with tenders will be obligated to appear in court. Within two years, spanning from 2016-2017, the prosecution found abuses and violations of 5 tenders causing an estimated several millions Euros of damage.

From the materials referred to by the prosecution, 12 more individuals are suspected of criminal offenses related to the Abuse of duty, as underlined by Article 248 under the Penal Code and Violation of the Equality of Participants in Tenders, provided by Article 258 of the Criminal Code.

The violations were initially evidenced by the inspection team of the Ministry of Justice and later by the Ministry of Finance.

Investigations have highlighted identified violations associated with major consequences to the state budget. 

Measures have been taken on this issue for the former Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice and the Director of Support Services as well as IT specialists.

Investigations focused on public officials who were part of procurement units, bidding verification commissions, and oversight commissions for contract enforcement.