The Public Health Institute reports the number of measles cases amongst children has now grown to 23, with even one adult case confirmed with the diseas after attending Mother Theresa Hospital for treatment.

As the disease spreads at an alarming pace, health authorities further emphasise the need to vaccinate all children from the age of one to protect them from measles, mumpsand rubella.

The outbreak of measles and calls from the PHI have served to make paretns more aware of the need for vaccinated, with 400 children being vaccinated at health centres in just the past week.

Meanwhile doctors are tasked with verifying nursery medical records to esnure all children are appropriately vaccinated.

"Doctors in nurseries are checking all  medical records" announced Dr. Klodiana Shehu.

In order for an admission to be accepted to a nursery, it is required by law that a medical card and vaccination certificate depicting the appropriate medical seals be submitted for the child.

"The unvaccinated endanger others in nurseries, kindergartens and schools." explained Dr. Shehu.

Health authorities have set up working groups in each educational institution to determine if there are any unvaccinated children attending.