The number of cases of Measles in Europe has reached levels not seen in almost a decade. While here in the Republic, there are concerns of over an outbreak. 1367 people affected by measles in 2018, while from January to today, February 5th, the Public Health Institution reporting that there are 51 individuals affected by the virus, mainly children under two years of age.

2018 saw 3 people succumb to the highly contagious and infectious disease, while 1 victim was recorded in January of this year.

This Measles situation has also brought about discussions in the Health Commission.

Silva Bino, the chief of the Department of Infectious Diseases, saying that the city of Tirana has significantly reduced the coverage of vaccines. 

Meanwhile, regarding the city's vaccination funds, Petrit Vasili says:

“I have not yet seen any fund transfers nor fund mobilization efforts to purchase extra quantities of vaccines. During times of epidemics, it is imperative to purchase vaccines.

“First: What was the amount of funds mobilized to cope with this epidemic? Secondly, there is no public statement on declaring the situation an epidemic."

While many have voiced their concerns of the health scare, the Public Health Institution announced that there are nearly 40.000 mothers and 10.000 children in need of vaccinations.