The massive protest has been called for March 16 as an opportunity go the opposition to take a further extreme step in what has been named as a domestic political crisis.

After a meeting held at the blue party headquarters, the opposition allies made it clear that, if the prime minister does not reflect on their demands, they may decide even for locally elected members to withdraw from their seats.

“We have not yet discussed this step, but we plan to do so following the actions on the 16th. Be assured that the opposition attack will have a 360 degree focus.

“We will determine our involvement in all institutions, throughout the social, political and international spheres, following a massive protest on March 16.

“Our demands remain the same. The departure of Rama and appointment of a transitional government to pave the way for new, free and fair elections,” said Dashamir Shehi.

The chair of the Republican Party, Fatmir Mediu, said that the opposition should do everything possible for those citizens who want the removal of Edi Rama.

On March 16, the opposition has called a mass protest before the prime ministry and has also announced that weekly protests will occur before the Parliament until that date.