In a move predicted by many, Acting Chief Prosecutor Arta Marku had filed her application in candidacy for the open 7-year mandate at the head of the prosecution body.

It has been learned that the prosecutor started filing the documentation with the High Council of the Prosecution yesterday evening.

Along with the application form, Marku has attached her CV presenting her experience, which includes completing a master's degree as well as participating in training held in both EU countries and the US.

In case she is not successful in being appointed to lead the prosecution, Marku will automatically be assigned as a judge to the Court of Appeals, as the General Prosecutor's status also determines.

Arta Marku is the fourth candidate to submit an application and put herself in the running for the role of Chief General Prosecutor.

Olsian Çela, a prosecutor from the Serious Crimes Prosecution, Fatjona Memçaj, a prosecutor at the Appellate Prosecutor's Office, and lawyer, Lulzim Alushaj are the further three potential candidates currently in the running.

With four candidates, the race has already become stronger since there will be 11 High Council of Prosecution members who will assess them according to the Constitution and the criteria established by the HCP itself.

Fatjona Memçaj and Arta Marku have already successfully passed vetting, while the other two candidates are expected to undergo this process at high priority.

The Council opened the race on March 19th, after first approving the regulation on the selection criteria of the candidates, including the need to have passed the re-evaluation process.

The time made available for application to be submitted was 30 days.

Subsequently, within 45 days the Council will make its assessment on the fulfillment of the conditions by the candidates and will hold hearings with them.

The High Council of the Prosecution must refer the top three candidacies to the Parliament.

If Parliament fails to elect one from the three candidates within 30 days of receiving the proposals, those who follow on the list will then be referred.

The deadline was originally set for April 29, but due to the public holidays was postponed until the 2nd of May.