Greek Foreign Minister, Nikos Kotzias has indirectly praised the intense negotiations with Albania of recent months, which according to him, seem to be coming along successfully.

"I am very happy that, in early June, we will have closed this great package of issues that we had with Albania with some of them existing for 40, 60 or 70 years. 

They seemed insoluble, but our foreign ministers are up to the task of solving problems," said Nikos Kotzias.

Speaking during the press conference, the Greek Foreign Minister said that, with the exception of the maritime agreement, there are only a few technical terms left over before the finalization of the package.

"We are in a process of solving our bilateral problems with Albania. Agreements have been reached. The issue of exclusive economic zones is still open, but I hope to close it by the end of June. That which is left to be done also includes some practical issues, such as the translation of certain documents," explained Nikos Kotzias.

On Friday, Kotzias and Bushati met in Thessaloniki, where the Third Inter-Ministerial Meeting between Greece, Albania, Bulgaria and Macedonia was held. Representatives of the Interior and Transport Ministries also attended the meeting.

Perktheu: Sabina Doma