Prime Minister Edi Rama was today with the residents of Lura to present the project for the development of the area, as well as hold a Q&A session with them.

The Arbër Road has not started yet, although promised, so Rama hastened to say he has not forgotten. He also reminded them, that it was took the largest piece of the pie in regards to the state budget.

"We have to invest in the road and this is the second big 'morsel' for the budget. The Arbër Road sounds easy to be said and done, but it is a big bite to swallow for the state budget. 

"It needs the project, the funding then the procedures to find who will do it, then the contract must be signed. All these processes take time," said Edi Rama. 

Rama said that the Dibra district is one of the cities where the government has planned to invest a considerable amount of money from the state budget.

"If we had not paid off over 700 million $ in debt, we would have made the way to Lura. It took the last four years to bring our heads afloat above water. 

"Now, we have the opportunity not only to finish and start the Arbër road, but also do the same with other national roads and a number of highways of national importance, such as that of Lura," said Edi Rama.

The Prime Minister promised further investments in this area, in order to turn it into a tourist destination.