Opposition MPs at the Media Commission have accused Prime Minister Rama and the Interior Minister, Sandër Lleshaj, of violence against students who have isolated themselves within the University faculties. 

For this reason, the opposition has submitted an interpellation for Minister Sandër Lleshaj.

Albana Vokshi stated: “Let me vote on the proposal made by myself and Mr Boçi to summon tomorrow in an urgent hearing the Minister of the Interior for the violence that has been exercised on Universities premises.”

Allegations by MP Vokshi were followed by high-level debates, even resulting in insults as was the case for the Socialist MP in the Vlora Region, Vilma Bello.

“As deputies of the majority, we call upon the Prime Minister and the Minister of Interior to stop the provocations; leave the students alone in their right to protest. Do not provoke,” called Vokshi.

In a reply against the proposal made by the Democratic Party, the majority submitted an interpellation for the Minister of Education, Besa Shahini.

The Socialist Movement for Integration Party demanded, during the commission, an increase of student representation on university boards.

The initiators asked for a deadline of one week before discussions in order to examine it with their stakeholders first.

One think that did not go unnoticed were the two former Ministers, Kumbaro and Nikolla, who did speak out on the issue of students or Higher Education.

/Ora News.tv/