The State Police has been supplied with a total of 134 new cars and 30 new motorcycles to the department's inventory within the State Police Modernization program.

“In relation to the number of people per capita, today our country has a smaller Police force as compared to other European countries,” informed Sandër Lleshaj.

Interior Minister Lleshaj underlined the need for modernization, emphasizing the importance of modern tools and technology, continuous training and increased professional capacity.

“Soon we expect the fleet of vehicles to expand significantly, to include a new fleet of air observation drones, improved border-monitoring technology and sophisticated intelligence systems.

“But the challenge isn't just modernizing our equipment. The real challenge is the modernization of people.

“For this, we will need to improve the system of education and training of the State Police to transform the Security Academy into a modern educational institution that produces well-educated and motivated Police and Security personnel.

“The State Police’s procedures and operational standards will be modeled after other European standards to ensure a high level of trust among citizens.

“The Police should be there for all citizens and divorced of political interests.

“The identity of the Albanian Police Force should be one of honor, dignity and integrity." said Lleshaj.

Focusing on the protest of the 22nd of November in front of Parliament, where officer Ina Nuka was injured, the Interior Minister said that Police officers face an absurd amount of treacherous aggression and called on all parties for reflect.

“The isolation of these dangerous deviations of violence requires not only a strong Police response, but also a broad social reflection.

“We must view law enforcement through the lenses of honor and dignity. This country needs serious reflection. I call on all political representatives not to position themselves against our officers but to support them,” concluded Lleshaj.