The new Interior Minister, Sandër Lleshaj, visited the police officers who are temporarily being housed at the premises of Military Hospital 6 after being injured during the protest of residents over the Outer Ring project. 

In a statement to the media, Minister Lleshaj said that the police officers were also hit by certain political representatives.

Additionally, the Minister also visited a citizen who was hurt during the protest.

“I came to follow the injured Police Officers and the citizens. This situation is not just regrettable; but it is unacceptable and inexplicable that such abnormal things can happen on a seemingly normal day.

“Members of the State Police being injured in the line of duty?!! 

“We ascertain that the police have been hit by irresponsible citizens who, in violation of the law attacked the officers.

“Police have also been targeted by certain political representatives who, in terms of civil and political irresponsibility have encouraged violence against the Police Force,” said Sandër Lleshaj. 

“I express solidarity for the effectives who faced these unacceptable and unnecessary scenes. Today we have a conflict of between some citizens who are are in opposition with the rule of law and with civil authorities.

“I issue the call to all citizens to understand that the Police are the Police of the pople, and any attack on them is also an attack on National values and Symbols.

“I also call on those certain political representatives to distance themselves from violence and to turn their support to the Police, who are our Police and the Police of the citizens.

“Citizens should understand well that the Government is committed to accomplishing the obligations for the benefit of the country, even to those affected by the New Ring project.

“The excessive tolerance of the Police should not be perceived as an act of weakness,” concluded Lleshaj.