Honor, integrity and modesty are the three main demands that Interior Minister Sandër Lleshaj has issued to Police Officers being launched for duty.

Citing the famous General Douglas MacArthur, he warned that Police could be found under the attack of critics, but stressed that they should not give up on these virtues.

"The Police profession is based on honor, on a sense of duty and integrity. A strong and clear sense of personal and professional honor is an essential part of the Police Officer's identity, part of his DNA.

"This is the only message I want to emphasize today during this ceremony. As for my program, we will have time to discuss it soon.

"Only through honor and high integrity, we, the State Police, can find a safe way to regain the trust of citizens of this country, a belief which it is an absolute prerequisite for completing the difficult mission that we have undertaken," added the newly appointed Interior Minister.

Sandër Lleshaj stressed that the specialists who have sacrificed themselves for the preservation of the order deserve a special honor.

"Task, honor, homeland: these three words wholly and solemnly dictate what you must be, what you are.

"They are your point of reference to build courage when success seems to be abandoning you. To help you regain confidence when it seems that just a little is left to be trusted. To create hope when it is lost.

"The wicked will tell you that these are just words, only slogans, simply empty phrases.

"All the cynics and the hypocrites will try to deprive you of these strong values," asserted Sandër Lleshaj.

Sandër Lleshaj was finally decreed as Minister of Interior after much debate and discussion following Fatmir Xhafaj's resignation.

Initially the Prime Minister's proposal for Sandër Lleshaj's appointment was rejected by the President; however after releasing himself from the title of General, Lleshaj was confirmed as a result of a second proposal. 

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