The Turkish lira has also shown effects from the weakening of the European currency in international markets. Many investors have begun using other more stable currencies such as the Swiss Franc or Dollar and are avoiding the Euro. 

Investors increasingly fear the effects of the Turkish lira's exchange rate, which will also boost the effects on European markets. In international markets a euro earlier this week lost 0.3 percentage points in the face of the US dollar which is tightening.

One euro has been exchanged for 1.13 dollars, reaching the lowest level this year. But the effect of the weakening of the Turkish currency has not been felt in Albania. 

The European currency continues to be stable against the Albanian lekë. According to the official rate from the Bank of Albania today, one euro was exchanging for 125.5 lekë, with a slight appreciation of 0.1 compared with where it closed last week. 

The stability of the European currency in the country is related to intervention by the Bank of Albania, which is buying up Euros in order to avoid strong fluctuations. 

At the beginning of June, the Bank of Albania announced the currency purchase program, in an attempt to curb the rapid appreciation of the lekë.