In an exclusive interview for Ora News, President Ilir Meta reveals he is not persuaded by the arguments put forward in Venice that by decreeing the cancelation of the June 30th local elections, the Head of State had, in effect, exceeded his powers.

Ilir Meta is determined to extend his mandate and does not intend to on withdrawing despite the Venice Commission's October 11th decision.

When asked if the Head of State is afraid of the Venice Commission, Meta answered:

“How can the “Golden Lion” of Venice this year be scared to Venice?

“Be reassured that Venice's Golden Lion for this year will be as if it had kept its promise, until July 24th.

“This is over. Nobody gets tired of dealing with the date for the 11th of October. October 11th exists for those who want to prolong the crisis, deepen it and cover many other problems.

“For me, there is only one important date, the 18th; so that Albania is able to move towards the opening of negotiations and fulfill all obligations that are clear and need to be increased.

“My appeal is for everyone to focus on resolving the crisis and take the example of the President in respecting the Constitution and its principles that are sacred to me,” said Meta.

Unlike the Venice draft, published a day ago, the Head of State indicates that local elections were held in an abnormal situation, as the right to vote was questionable.

The Presidency has raised concerns about the Venice Commission draft because, although published on Friday, the document is dated on September 29th. Therefore, before the Head of State's institution takes a stand, this draft will be clarified in advance.

“When our staff is clear on what the draft is and its corresponding dates, the response from the President's institution will again be made available to the public, international partners and all members of the Venice Commission.

“But there is no concern. Zero concern. The President of the Republic has made zero violations of the Constitution and made an excellent defense of the Constitution and for political pluralism,” said Meta.

The only concern for President Meta is October 18th, when the decision to negotiate with Albania is expected to be released “

The President of the Republic of Albania, Ilir Meta has been awarded in Venice with “The Golden Lion” International Prize.

The award was given “In honor of his contributions to promoting democracy and political pluralism, strengthening peace and stability in the Balkans, promoting coexistence and religious harmony, and for strengthening Italian-Albanian relations”.