The Lezha Prosecutor's Office has taken over the case file with evidence of 7 buildings damaged by the November 26th earthquake and is expected to decide soon on bringing those responsible to justice.

According to evidence, there was interference in the structure of 6 buildings constructed in the early 90s, while a building made in recent years was constructed of poor quality.

7 buildings damaged by the November 26 earthquake will be the subject of investigation by the Lezha Prosecutor's Office.

The prosecution has administered the evidence submitted by the Judicial Police in relation to these objects which were heavily damaged by shaking.

In the old buildings that have been referred to the Prosecutor's Office for investigation, it turns out that there has been interference on the first floors or various additions, which are suspected to have weakened the structure.

Therefore, there are strong doubts that these interventions weakened the earthquake-resistance.

Whereas for a 10 story building, which has been built in recent years, there are doubts surrounding the quality of their construction, and naturally, it has suffered numerous damages.

The materials referenced by the judicial police at the request of the prosecution are already in the hands of Lezha's prosecutor, Milan Laska.

Criminal proceedings are expected to be registered in the coming days for three offenses "Illegal Construction", "Providing Assistance to Illegal Construction", and "Abuse of Office".

Investigations will determine if there is an element to these offenses that, of course, if found to be the case, will be held responsible and brought to justice.

The Durres prosecution is the only one so far to have cut 18 arrest warrants for construction that caused 24 casualties in the coastal city.

Prosecutors in Tirana and Kruja are still investigating documents of buildings that collapsed after the earthquake, causing 51 deaths and about 1 thousand injuries across the country.