Expenditures in 2018 have increased by 3.5 per cent as a result of prices, while salaries remain the same. According to INSTAT data, a family consisting of 4 pays an average of 75.935 lekë per month for education.

In addition, 44% of the incomes continue to be used for providing the most essential foods such as: milk, meat and eggs.

Interestingly enough, less attention was paid to education as spending in this area has decreased by about 20%.

Meanwhile, the prices of furniture and home appliances have significantly increased and citizens say that with all the price hikes, it’s making it even more difficult to make a living.

At the same time, expenditures on individual health care have markedly increased, while decreasing for restaurants, entertainment and culture activities.

In 2018, a typical family in the capital spent on average 88,691 lekë per month for consumption. The regions with the lowest level of spending are Dibra, Elbasan and Gjirokaster.

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