The President has returned the law on the National Theater to the Assembly, declaring that it "violates not only the principle of legal security, but also shakes the current legal stability on which ownership and development relations are regulated".

In the announcement published by the Presidency it is stated that the president has returned the law for review by the Assembly and invites the Albanian Parliament to reconsider the law in its entirety.

"The President of the Republic recognizes that this law, submitted for proclamation, is not in compliance with constitutional principles or international acts to which the Republic of Albania adheres or has ratified. 

"In addition, the spirit of this law runs in contrast to the current legal system on which Albanian society has been developed.

"A decision has been made in order to respect the constitutional principles and to ensure that the legal order of norms under Albanian legislation is the same and equal for all. 

"So that no one can have preferential treatment by the government through the Assembly, especially in regards to use public land of historical importance to the value of art and culture of the Albanian state. 

"I have decided to return for reconsideration in full the law "On the determination of the special procedure for the negotiation and conclusion of the contract with the object 'Design and implementation of the urban project and the new building of the National Theater'.

"Under the present conditions, the Constitutional Court cannot exercise its sublime function, that is, the Constitutional control of norms issued by the government and the Assembly or the interpretation of the Constitution. 

As such the role of the President of the Republic in assessing legislative initiatives assumes another responsibility as it remains the last institution where the legislative activity can be controlled in compliance with the Constitution.

"The President of the Republic, in the capacity of Head of State and as a representative of the unity of the people, based on the Constitution of the Republic of Albania, has decided that this law should be returned once again to the Assembly. 

The law should be given time and due attention, to be re-evaluated by the Assembly", it is written on the Presidency's page.

The law was passed at the plenary session of the 5th of July 2018 in the Albanian Parliament and sent to the President of the Republic for decree on the 10th of July 2018.