New fallout in the Law Committee where the Majority overthrew the decree by President Ilir Meta for Notary. 

The decree shot down by 10 votes after a debate between the ruling majority and the opposition, where the latter sought the implementation of the President's Return Law.

In a statement, Democratic MP, Enkelejd Alibeaj, stated: "the only thing that has been added to the law is the obligation of notaries to go to insurance companies and I believe that it gives the oligarch the right to chose tenders giving them the right to provide notaries.

Alibeaj continued by saying that she agrees with the President's concerns for the poor who do not pay notary fees in this case. Stating: "This is only meant for those who have money, for oligarchs who will have the security of having notaries at their disposal.

“This state adds more administrative procedures each day; for just the simplest documents you have go to a notary. These are good reasons to take the President of the Republic seriously when he expresses his concern over such a fact,”

Meanwhile SP MP, Ulsi Manja, said the Law aims at reducing the number of notaries who today in Albania total 470 while also improving the quality of service to citizens.

On January 15, 2019, President Meta returned to the Assembly to review the Law "On Notaries", putting emphasis on articles 61, 65 and 76 of this law.

In arguing the decision, Meta claims that the law "On Notaries" is unclear and sows disharmony with other articles in the law.