The head of (ALU-IZ-NI)ALUIZNI, Artan Lame, reacted today after the non-decree by President Meta for the Cadaster Law.

At a press release, Lame said this hurts many citizens waiting to register their property, reminding the President that even the buildings he is serving in today are still without a certificate of ownership.

He stated: “The President of the Republic did not decree the Law on Cadaster and instead put it up for reconsideration. Today, Mr. Meta is the President of the Republic, but the building of the Presidency built in 1959 still stands without an ownership certificate.

“Before that, Ilir Meta was chair of the Assembly, but even the Assembly Hall has no certificate of ownership.

“Even prior to this, Meta had been a Foreign Minister, but also the Foreign Ministry has no property certificate. Meta was Prime Minister, but the Prime Minister's office does not have a certificate of ownership,” concluded Lame.

Lame clarified that by not decreeing this law, it penalizes Albanian citizens.

“How do we explain the President's non-decree to 60 thousand families waiting to close their legalization process?

“How do we explain this problem to 220 thousand farmers who are currently waiting to register their land?

“How do we explain it to the 50 thousand families who are waiting to legalize their old dwellings, and what do we say to those people who have more than 2.8 million properties that are waiting to be restored from their foundations because they are in poor condition?

The return of the Cadaster Law penalizes every Albanian who has been forced to face these problems regarding their properties for more than a quarter of a century.

“Not only does the current Prime Minister lack an idea on property, but none of the other 34 Prime Ministers had any idea how to go about property registration either.

Lame went on to say:

“The Law clearly states that property registration is under the control of the Ministry of Justice, but the Cadaster Agency is to be subordinate to the Prime Ministry, which will work to build the foundation of property reform.