The day before arriving to our country, the agenda of the visit of the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti to Tirana, has been revealed.

During his first visit as Prime Minister, also his first visit outside Kosovo, Kurti predicted meetings with Rama, Ruci, Meta, Veliaj and Basha.

He will also have a joint press conference with Rama.

Kurti’s stay will last only half a day, and is expected to return to Kosovo at 12.40 as he departs tomorrow for Morina.

The visit was announced by Kurti during an interview with Voice of America.

 “I intend to visit Tirana next week and hold meetings with institutional leaders there, with Prime Minister Rama, President Meta, Speaker Ruci, the  opposition leader Basha, and discuss these issues together.

I am not against regional cooperation initiatives, but there must be the principle of reciprocity, and while the Republic of Albania knows our southern and western neighbors well, it is the Republic of Kosovo that knows our eastern and northern neighbors better, and in this aspect we can be complementary.” Albin Kurti said.