The former Tirana court judge, Artan Lazaj, has lost the battle in the second instance of the Appeal Chamber, KPA.

Although the Trial Panel has acknowledged his complains over a procedural violation in the case of Commissioner Bekteshi, he was again dismiss on the argument that through the investigation by the Appeal Chamber, inaccuracies relating to his property were discovered; the same conclusion which had emerged from the Independent Qualification Commission.

“From the financial analysis carried out between 2003 to 2016, results from the investigation show that the income he reported was insufficient considering his wealth and expenditures he has done.

“The Appeal Chamber decided upon the annulment of the decision by the Independent Qualification Commission and the dismissal of Artan Lazaj from his post." stated a judge at the Tirana District Court.

But this decision was called unlawful by the lawyer of Judge Lazaj, Sokol Hazizaj. In a statement released after the hearing, the lawyer said he would address the Strasbourg court as the only way to reject the verdict.

“The KPA decision is totally illegal,” stated Hazizaj.

Former Judge of the Tirana Court, Artan Lazaj, was dismissed from the Independent Qualification Commission only as it related to the property criteria. While the other two components relating to professional skill set and professional integrity were not taken into account.