Kosova's increased tariffs on Serbian goods have spelled out good news for Albania, as the result has been increased interest in trade between Kosovo and Albania.

The Institute of Statistics reports that, in just 10 months, Albania has exported a total value of 22.4 billion lekë in goods to Kosovo.

Additionally, Kosovo imposing a 100% tax on Serbian goods is seen by Albania as a great opportunity to increase trade relations between our two countries.

The Year 2018 has delivered positive results in terms of Economic relations between Albania and Kosovo.

The INSTAT report also states that exchanges have increased by 4.8 billion lekë, representing an additional 27.5%.

But, despite this, trade relations between our two countries are considered to be at very low levels.

According to business representatives, the reasons for this are trade barriers, tariffs and the non-recognition of Phytosanitary certificates.

Despite the agreements which have been reached by the two Governments, the Albanian and Kosovar businesses have declared that nothing has been implemented concretely.

Imports from Kosovo have also increased, though they remain insignificant, especially when compared to Greece and Italy. Imports from Kosovo reached a lump sum of 7.3 billion lekë.

Currently, Kosovo has decided to charge 100 percent of the value of Serbian products, as such erecting a significant barrier for them.

The impact of this decision is estimated to reach a value of 400 million euro. Energy, wheat, oil, refreshments and petroleum are the main products which are imported by Kosovo from Serbia.

Businessmen themselves point out that this moment should be used to increase trade with Albania, where so far steel, fuels, cement, aluminum and vegetables are the most in demand goods.

The need to increase the export of energy had already been noticed, as well as finding alternative sources of supply for grain and oil.

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