The Assembly of Kosovo is expected to hold a special session on Wednesday where the procedures for continuing the dialogue with Serbia will be debated.

A group of MPs have proposed a resolution calling for President Hashim Thaçi not to continue the talks.

For this purpose, Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj has proposed this to the Parliament and a group of negotiators.

MP from the Democratic League of Kosovo, Armend Zemaj, invited all political groups to become part of the discussion and to come up with a common rhetoric.

Even the Speaker of the Parliament, Kadri Veseli, appealed to the local political actors to overcome their grudges and think of Serbia as the real opponent, as it continues not to recognize independence.

The idea of border correction continues to point out the inconsistency of opinions among the top leaders in Kosovo.

President Hashim Thaçi and his Serbian counterpart see the issue of demarcation as a condition for the integration processes in the European Union.

While from the analysts it was emphasized that the adoption of this agreement establishes the recognition of the state of Kosovo by the Belgrade.

But Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj and most of the policy makers in the country are against the proposal. According to them, the border was determined by war and accepted by the internationals and there is no need for them to be revised.

At the weekend, the former head of the Serbian delegation spoke of dialogue with Kosovo, saying that two neighboring states are closer than ever to reaching an agreement with the European Union, which will aim to normalize relations within 2019.

Pёrktheu: Paola Pupla